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Kathleen's Story

After a horrific accident left Kathleen unable to walk or talk and with a traumatic brain injury, she found herself homeless. Watch as Kathleen tells her story about moving into LSSA's Roosevelt Apartments, apart of our emergency housing program.

Paul and Will's Story

Our Transitional Living Program (TLP) houses homeless men for up to four months as we help them prepare financially to acquire their own place and provide a stable and sober environment. Watch Paul and Will share their experience of TLP.

Read about what others have said about Lutheran Social Services below

More Anchorage Residents Need Food (Anchorage Daily News)

"Alan Budahl, executive director of Lutheran Social Services of Alaska, said there's been a big drop-off in government contributions to food outlets, at the same time demand is rising"


Stranded Rural Alaskans Can Get Tickets Home (Anchorage Daily News)

"For decades, Lutheran Social Services has paid for trips home for individuals stuck in Anchorage after being medevacked into the city or traveling there with an ill relative who needed medical care. They end up in Anchorage "through no fault of their own..."

Listening Post is 'here to be present and loving' (Anchorage Daily News)

"It's not the people all dressed up with someplace to go you wonder about. It's the lost and lonely. The working worried. The out-of-order angry, the ones security guards in fluorescent vests keep a real close eye on."



Woman in labor blessed with escort to front of turkey line 

(Anchorage Daily News)

"On a day when hundreds flocked to the Central Lutheran Church in Fairview for all the Thanksgiving fixings, one woman in line stood out in more ways than one: She was pregnant, in labor, and wasn't leaving without her turkey...."



 Transitional Living Program

(KTVA Alaska)

"It is a program run by Lutheran Social Services. It's really very different than the big shelters we sometimes think of. It's called the Transitional Living Program. It is meant for men who are serious about turning their lives around....."



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